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Generador de Ozono Doble Integrado Placa de Cerámica 220v 20g/H Con Ventilator Ozonizador Purificador de Aire B07BS9ZSG1

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  • The ozono Generator aire disinfection bacteria, to install the Fan Cooling, The use of ozono sterilization, The Staff is Strictly prohibited in the alta concentración de ozono environment to work and work, The use of high Pressure, do not Rinse the Equipment with Water; Work después de un período de tiempo especificado to use alcohol to clean the ozono on-chip Dust in order to ensure that ozono normal ozono.
  • The ozono Generator Water Treatment disinfection bacteria, The ozono Sheet Should Be Sealed in a Box, with the Pump through the Hose Connected to the ozono Sheet Sealed in the Hose into the Water disinfection sterilization. Use to remember that Water can not Flow Back to the ozono Sealed Box, damage the ozono Sheet and power.
  • One-piece módulo, plug-in use, need to Fan Cooling, it is recommended to use Within 1 hours EACH Time to provide Power Supply Fan and other servicios, specific Customer Service
  • Portable, Easy for professional DIY use/Low Power Consumption/Safe, Quiet and efficient
  • Aplicación: Secadora, lavavajillas, frigorífico, Electronic Shoe Cabinet, Air Purifier and so on
›Ver más detalles Product Name: 20 g Integrated ozono Generator
Specifications: 235 * 147 * 125
Input: AC220 V
Output: 20 g/h O3
Working frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
Product Power: about 170 vatios
Scope: Suitable for air handling equipment
Nota: Air-cooled, when used to Heat.
Instrucciones para uso: GB Back directly to a Plug can be used, a largo time to open a little Space, The Space can be a little Short Time. Space Long Time to open the proposed Fan or Fan Cooling Spread, The Effect is good
Ozono disinfection Sterilizer the Use of lightning Stripping the Goods to produce the Principle Of ozono to air as Raw materials, The use of along the steep variable Discharge Technology to release High concentraciones of ozono, and ozono is currently Known as one of the strongest oxidants, at a cierto concentración, can quickly Kill The Water And The Air in a variety of Harmful bacteria. is the World Recognized as a Broad Spectrum sterilization disinfectant.
Introducción: Ozono is a strong oxidant, in a cierto concentración can quickly Kill bacteria in the air. There is no toxic residue, Will not form a Secondary contaminación, its Chemical naturaleza is particularly Lively, reconocida as "The Most Clean oxidants and disinfectants

Generador de Ozono Doble Integrado Placa de Cerámica 220v 20g/H Con Ventilator Ozonizador Purificador de Aire B07BS9ZSG1